Your seven steps are very similar to Ernest Holme’s five steps in a Spiritual Mind Treatment, as outlined in his book, The Science of Mind. The last step, letting go, is also the last step in a SOM “treatment”, and more important than many people realize. Your number 6 reminds me of a phrase my SOM teacher used to tell the class; “treat, but move your feet”. The difference between your method and SOM, is the dream state. SOM is applied primarily in the waking state. During the dream state, our brain enters theta and delta states where remote viewing and remote influencing can happen if backed by intent and the habit of pre-programming the mind before sleep. There are external aids, such as hypnosis, brain wave entrainment, binaural beats, etc. that can help train the mind to easily access theta and delta while in the waking state as well, and the practice of meditation can also do the same. You are a mighty manifester who figured it out at a young age, thank you for sharing.

I am a spiritual astrologer with over 30 years experience, sharing my astrological services through since 1999.