The most important criteria for determining where I can live is that I am able to have a fire outside, either in my yard or somewhere nearby, outdoors. It keeps me sane. If we carry a memory in our genes of generations past, sitting around a fire, gazing at the flames and gazing up at the stars is something primal all humans did at one time in the past and something humans respond to strongly when they experience it again, now. But it is not something most people do anymore, or are aware they are missing. The night sky triggers awe in me and the fire gives me a sense of comfort and inner security that is distinctly different than the comfort of anything else. Whenever I have a fire or attend a fire elsewhere, everyone leaves happy and renewed. Some fires I have attended are major happy memories for me. Fires alone or fires with friends and family — and even strangers — are all good. Fire and stars are pretty AWE-some.

I am a spiritual astrologer with over 30 years experience, sharing my astrological services through since 1999.