Sag Loves Sag: How Compatible Are Two Sagittarians?

Dunnea Rae
8 min readJun 20, 2018

Sagittarians are frequently attracted to each other because they recognize the fiery mutable Sagittarius seeker energy that sets them apart from the other signs. This gypsy, pirate, wanderer, jack-of-all-trades, intellectually curious and adventurous sign is ruled by Jupiter, a planet of optimism, humor, growth, expansion and abundance.

Sagittarius and Jupiter are associated with the 9th house of the chart wheel. The 9th house areas of life are the gathering and sharing of information and experiences, higher education, writing, speaking, teaching, foreign travel, philosophy, history, and brotherhood with people from other cultures

Sun sign Sagittarius, as well as people with a busy 9th house in their natal chart, often don’t know what they want to do when they grow up. The fixed and cardinal sun signs shake their heads as their Sag friend — always the most entertaining one at the party — is not doing age appropriate things like they are. Most of us are the busy ants, stocking up food for the winter, while grasshopper Sagittarius wanders into town, playing a fiddle — or maybe a guitar. Sag is often the hot guy at the beach with a guitar who arrived in his home on wheels with the surfboard on top, and a freakishly smart dog.

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The irony is that 20 years later when those other signs are having an existential mid-life crisis, Sagittarius is pulling together all the years of seeking and learning to become a sage — usually an entrepreneurial sage or a published author with some very interesting friends all over the world. The goal of Sagittarius and the 9th house is wisdom. Sagittarius knows that it comes from exploration and experimentation. Sagittarius is willing to risk being seen as a fool or a clown. I think their special magnetism is this ability to not take themselves too seriously. Their acceptance of human foibles makes them easy to be around.

Unless the Sagittarius has other more stabilizing energy in the natal chart to make them crave a more traditional life, they need to have time to find themselves, and that can be challenging if they are tied down to a routine. Relationships can represent…

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