I think I love this so much because I am a tea person. Thank you for making me feel great about myself. I was both, until coffee took over my body in negative ways. My pee, breath, urine, and skin stinks when I drink coffee. I get highly anxious and my heart skips around like crazy. I still yearn for a Dunkin Donuts coffee when I drive past a DD store, but I can't take the misery. I quit coffee twice and each time was as hard as giving up nicotine. After the second quit, I knew I couldn't slide back and go through it again. Now I have about 30 boxes of tea in my cupboard. I replaced my coffee addiction with a tea addiction, but it's a far healthier addiction. Some of my teas make my tummy better, or alleviate stress. I feel just like Coco Peru when the store is out of Tension Tamer. https://youtu.be/YUGNxPQ29B0

I am a spiritual astrologer with over 30 years experience, sharing my astrological services through www.AlohaAstro.com since 1999.

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