I love Lume. I have been using it for about 6 months now. It does come with the instructions to completely clean the armpits of your clothing with an enzyme detergent, or get new shirts, before using Lume and I have found that the only time I have had any odor at all is when I disregarded these “prep” instructions and wore an older, smellier shirt. I use the Lume with the sage/lavender scent, but the scent goes away quickly and then I smell like NOTHING, and even later in the day or after sweating — NO SMELL. It is like a thick lotion and I apply it by rubbing it in with my finger. I bought the tube the last time I ordered and it has far outlasted the applicator dispenser stick that pushes product out through little holes. I blew through that in no time. The tube feels like it will go on forever, since I use such a small amount at a time.

I also love Home Health Herbal Magic Jasmine Roll On Deodorant and used it for about 8 years before trying Lume. In the summer or after sweating, I would have to reapply it half way through the day. But it does totally neutralize odor and I love the smell. I don’t know how it can be applied to smelly pits and neutralize, rather than cover up odor, but it does.

Antiperspirants have always had a paradoxical effect on my underarms. I start out dry after applying, but under stress or exertion, or very cold or hot temps, my arm pits will pour out sweat, like a faucet. And then I get itchy, and rashy. When I switched to natural deodorants, the heavy breakthrough rivulets of sweat stopped. The itching and rash stopped. Now I perspire lightly, rarely enough to make my clothing wet, and not always. I would like to not perspire at all, but it feels like a natural thing now, and not a constant, so as long as I don’t stink, I am happy.

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