Hi bish dream, your natal chart may show something about a past life, but not all do. I am available for consultation through my website, which you can find in my profile and which is an active link when you click Aloha Astro at the end of my daily horoscope. What I recommend you do, though, is ask yourself for that information. If there is relevant informant from a past incarnation that can help you with the present day, then set your intention to know it and ask your Higher Self, or subconscious, to bring it to you. Then notice what happens. It may come to you in a dream, or sometimes a movie or book set in a certain time period or place will feel very familiar to you. Also, people you meet may be people from your past when you begin to seek, and sometimes they will remember you. I have met several people I knew in the 1920’s. One was a stranger who walked right up to me and said he was a newspaper editor in the 20’s and he knew me then. I had a recurring dream when I was a child, of my death as a young woman in 1926. I think 1926 because I discovered in this life that I recognized and remembered music from the 20’s but not any songs from after 1926, yet I was never exposed to that time period of music as a child in this life to the extent that I know it now. So if you feel drawn to a time period, country, or culture, assume you feel it because you lived it and immerse yourself in studying it, and as you align with it further, memories will awaken or you will be shown signs, symbols, words, or people who fill in the blanks.

It is possible you have lived many, many lives. The natal chart may not give you exact details or who you were, or the time and place, but if you do have any karmic work or lessons, or any residual fears, etc. from a past, the chart shows it. Just looking for a past life for entertainment will either yield nothing, or you will be a gullible mark for some unethical psychic reader who will claim to be able to read your records and tell you who you were, but makes up a colorful story that will make you happy, so you are glad you gave them money. You are the authority on you, and you can access your own past life information. In my own experience, though, I have only been show relevant things that I need to know. I have only turned to the past beyond this incarnation when I have felt there is something beyond the here and now at play. I have enough work creating my present — I don’t choose to revisit a past life unless it can help me in the present.

I am a spiritual astrologer with over 30 years experience, sharing my astrological services through www.AlohaAstro.com since 1999.