Daily Horoscope: Moon Transiting Sagittarius

Dunnea Rae
2 min readSep 22

September 22, 2023

Moon transiting Sagittarius, Friday, September 22nd, advises caution when venturing into unknown or unproven territory, but also gives you the courage to try, if you believe it is your destiny to do so, as the moon forms a mutable T-square aspect pattern with Neptune retrograde in Pisces, and the sun in its final degree of Virgo, as well as a Grand Trine aspect pattern in the element of fire involving Venus in Leo, and Chiron retrograde conjunct the North Node in Aries, opposing the South Node and Mars in Libra. In the Lord of the Rings, Frodo’s long journey to Mordor to destroy a ring of power and save Middle Earth begins on September 22nd — his birthday, and his uncle Bilbo’s birthday — but on that day, he does not yet have a full awareness of his destiny, the history of the ring, the challenges he will face, or the joy and sorrow he will experience. He sacrifices a simple life for a hero’s hopeless quest and a commitment to a spiritual path to be a bearer of light in the dark. I think it is no coincidence that Tolkien chose the autumnal equinox — when the light and dark are in equal measure — and the start of the Libra season, to represent two connected ring bearers. As you contemplate the equinox and shift of seasons today, you may feel a desire to resolve something from your past, or bring your life into better balance, but it might require sacrifice to precipitate transformation.

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