Daily Horoscope: Moon Transiting Aquarius

Dunnea Rae
1 min readSep 25

September 25, 2023

Moon transiting Aquarius, Monday, September 25th, can bring unexpected encounters or reveal surprising things you did not know through connecting with others as the moon forms a T-square aspect pattern with Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus, and Venus in Leo, as well as trine aspects with both the sun and Mars in Libra. Expect a mix of both attraction and fascination, and repulsion or resistance, due to Mercury in Virgo trine to Jupiter and Uranus, the sun opposing Neptune in Pisces, Mars squaring Pluto in Capricorn, Mars opposing Chiron in Aries, and Mars sextile to Venus. Established relationships may be put to the test as people involved become aware of the impact of growth and change, while new relationships may feel awkward or uncomfortable as creative differences, personal interests, beliefs, or desires are compared. Individual and shared growth and gain is possible when common ground or a common goal is found or created. New knowledge and creative inspiration comes as a result of experimentation. The sun in Libra quincunx to Saturn in Pisces delivers patience and a mutual acceptance, despite any differences, should you and another choose to work things out, or work together.

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