Daily Horoscope: Moon Transiting Aquarius

Dunnea Rae
2 min readJun 17, 2022

June 17, 2022

Moon transiting Aquarius, Friday, June 17th, enhances your desire and ability to express your own unique talents, brand yourself, increase your social reach or popularity, and make a strong impression on others as the moon forms a trine aspect to Mercury in Gemini, and a sextile aspect to Jupiter, Chiron, and Mars in Aries. If you are naturally extroverted and tend to act quickly on your initial impulse or attraction without considering the consequences you should dial it back a bit today, because a square aspect between the moon and Uranus in Taurus indicates that going to extremes can be risky for your wallet or your safety. However, if you tend toward introversion and avoid anything outside of your comfort zone, that same square aspect could be the activation you need to take a chance on something that will enable you to benefit from the opportunity or connections the lunar trine and sextile aspects are offering to you. There is a fine line between bravery and foolishness, being seen as a genius and master of something or being seen as an imposter or an idiot, while the sun in Gemini forms a trine to Saturn in Aquarius while squaring Neptune in Pisces, and Saturn, in turn, also squares Uranus, the North Node, and Venus in Taurus conjunct Mercury in Gemini. Only you can know if following your heart and taking a risk could be what alters your future in a positive way or will exact too large a price to pay for you emotionally or materially. Being a sun sign Aquarius myself, I would advise you to be a fool for love, express yourself authentically, and be true to yourself during this Aquarius moon transit.

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