Daily Horoscope: Moon in Cancer to Leo

Dunnea Rae
2 min readSep 3, 2021

September 3, 2021

Moon in Cancer to Leo, Friday, September 3, puts your emotions on a slow boil this morning as the moon in a sensitive water sign creates pressure around the balance of power and fulfillment of desires in relationships through a cardinal T-square involving volatile Pluto in restrictive Capricorn, and strategic Venus in Libra. By lunchtime, the moon leaves Cancer to enter the fixed fire sign of Leo, encouraging a dramatic expression of those simmering emotions. Righteous anger over a lack of attention or respect could be the underlying reason for an outburst, justified by a frustrating opposition between fiery Mars in fussy Virgo and watery Neptune in escapist Pisces, which has kept you chasing your tail as you’ve attempted to move forward. A Yod involving the sun in problem solving Virgo, needs oriented Chiron in assertive Aries, and serious Saturn in future minded Aquarius supports you in presenting yourself in a no nonsense way once your temper cools a bit. Make good use of a Grand Trine in the air element comprised of Mercury in negotiating Libra, the lesson delivering North Node in communicative Gemini, and masterful Saturn in intelligent Aquarius by reaching out to those who can help you — the friends who can listen or share their experiences, or advisors who have the training to represent you or knowledge to teach you. Don’t be so full of Leo ego during this moon transit that you scare off both your friends and your enemies.

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